Southbridge seamlessly blends luxury residential, office, and boutique hotel spaces with Old Town Scottsdale’s historic charm, creating vibrant destination spots. OZ’s goal is to integrate new luxury developments on three separate sites within this historic area, merging old and new to foster dynamic interactions. Old Town Scottsdale, “The West’s Most Western Town,” holds a romantic connection to its historical Western character. Our approach respects this heritage while introducing modern elements. The offices rise above a retail streetscape, interwoven within the existing context, ensuring vertical and horizontal connectivity throughout the site and adjacent neighborhoods. Food and beverage options enhance Southbridge’s appeal as a top destination. The boutique hotel offers an intimate, insider’s place to stay in the heart of the action. Using innovative, contemporary materials that evoke historical context, we elevate the urban fabric, creating visually unique, identifiable spaces while maintaining privacy. Luxury residences along the Arizona Canal define the northern boundary of Old Town, completing the retail streetscape and offering full amenities.


Scottsdale, Arizona

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Urban Living + Mixed Use
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