The Rambler, University of Michigan

Building upon the “Rambler” brand, Ann Arbor boasts a range of housing options spanning from one to six-bedroom layouts across 400 units. These projects are meticulously crafted to empower students with the freedom to choose their living style, personal space needs, and their level of engagement in public spaces.

Amenities are spread throughout the building for a range of uses and a small community feel. Students can grab a coffee at the first-floor coffee lounge, meet with study groups in the level 2 co-working space, catch the game in the 13th-floor lounge and pool deck, or have large group gatherings in the 17th-floor amphitheater space. Strategically weaving sought-after amenities into student housing design while maximizing unit capacity to maintain affordable rents demands flexibility in design. It is precisely this challenge that infuses our work with such intrigue and excitement.


Ann Arbor, Michigan


490,000 sf
273 units | 1,010 beds

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