The Rambler, Ohio State University

The Rambler represents a culmination of expertise drawn from multiple Practice Areas, informing a design tailored to accommodate diverse student lifestyles. Scheduled for completion in April 2025, this vibrant community will feature 350 units offering one- to six-bedroom floor plans, ensuring options for every student's preference. Every aspect of The Rambler is meticulously crafted to afford students the freedom to tailor their experiences according to their unique needs, prioritizing safety and well-being throughout. The building's design boasts three cascading spaces, ranging from the 7th-floor wellness deck to the 3rd-floor pool and party deck, culminating in the 1st-floor study lounge and café, fostering engagement and community interaction. Positioned along West Lane Ave, The Rambler weaves together the campus and surrounding neighborhood, activated by both students and the community through pocket parks, retail patios, and the building’s front porch.


Columbus, Ohio


591,560 sf
350 units | 886 beds
8-story; 1 below grade

Practice Areas

Urban Living + Mixed Use
Student Housing

Scope of Services

Concept Design

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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