Torzetto imparts a refreshing new type of living experience in East Vail. A departure from the typical architectural design found in the area, the design is based on the style of modern minimalist, in line with fifty years of local tradition. Comprised of three duplexes on three adjacent lots, each building and residence boasts its own site and uninterrupted views and privacy not typically found in Vail, where most developments share a site, utilities and garage space. Each residence, with visual unit separation and definable front doors, combines functionality with true opulence—from the spacious storage spaces and lavish living areas to the private elevators. An abundance of unrestrained windows, spacious balconies, and vaulted ceilings allow residents to admire the raw beauty and maximize the natural mountain light.


Vail, Colorado


33,744 sf
6 units
Average unit 5,624 sf

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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