OZ Architecture Lists Biophilic Design Among Best Practices for Older Adult Communities

We know it when we feel the sun warming our skin ; connecting with the outdoors can enhance our well-being.

When older adults move into communities for the aging, access to the natural world can change, especially for those with a high level of care needs. There’s where biophilia comes in. Biophilic design is the practice of letting the outdoor, natural world indoors, whether through views of greenery, access to fresh air and sunlight, or tangible natural materials and plant life.

The Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Health Care Quarterly recent published an article by OZ Architecture’s Jami Mohlenkamp about biophilic design in older adult communities.

“While the job of a designer of older adult communities is to create safe environments,” he says, “it’s also important for residents, staff and visitors to continue to experience the living, healing power of the outdoors as much as possible.”

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