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OZ Integrates Modular Construction Techniques for Urban Housing Solutions

January 22, 2019

Many people have heard of “modular” construction techniques. This is the type of building in which a structure is constructed in modules within a factory or plant under controlled conditions and later constructed on-site.

What you may not know is that modular buildings reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated site-built facility, using the same materials, codes and standards as conventionally built facilities.

The biggest benefit? Modular buildings can be completed in about half the time.

While modular building has been around for decades, there are misperceptions in the industry about what they are — and what they aren’t. Some may think modular buildings are simple, low-quality “boxes” without a lot of design flexibility or modern applicability. That’s simply not the case. In truth, there are multiple benefits of modular design:

Time savings. The biggest benefit of working with modular design is the time savings opportunity. While the cost of construction is largely the same, developers won’t be dealing with the common industry delays like weather or labor shortage.

Quality of construction. The ability to control the product from the construction side is a big benefit. Because all construction is done in a factory, wood, drywall, and finishes are never exposed to any environmental elements during construction.

Minimal waste. In the factory setting, everything can and does get used. A typical site-built project may incur up to three dumpsters of trash, while a modular process will reduce this to half a dumpster of trash.

Superior acoustics ratings. Modular construction is ideal for condo construction due to its superior acoustics ratings. With a two-inch air space between every unit, there are technically no shared walls.

The primary applicability for modular design is buildings of 50-100 units for multi-family, senior living, student housing and workforce housing, especially for in-fill and remote sites. While there is replicability in the unit plan, this type of building can still modulate the exterior to create a high-quality, unique finish with plenty of design flexibility.

OZ’s current project, 1775 Federal, is one example of a modular project that reflects OZ’s high design standards but delivered via modular process. With an experienced and professional design partner, modular construction becomes an efficient, timely and high-quality option for modern construction. Stay tuned for progress and video footage of the modular process at 1775 Federal.

Learn more about OZ’s latest projects at https://ozarch.com/portfolio/.

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