2300 Central

2300 Central transforms a former warehouse into a cutting-edge lab and office facility, enhancing Boulder’s thriving office park. Adjacent to the newly developed 2400 Central, this adaptive reuse project creates a cohesive campus environment. Sustainability is key; we preserved the original double-tee walls, slab, and foundations for longevity and resilience. The building features sleek metal panel cladding on the lower portion, maintaining the traditional rhythm while contrasting with the lighter form above. Translucent wall panels flood interior lab spaces with soft, diffused light, boosting productivity and well-being. A semi-translucent panel clerestory enhances the ambiance, filling workspaces with natural light. The ground level’s screened-in design meets tenant security needs, balancing functionality with privacy. Open spaces are designed with environmental sensitivity, using rain gardens to collect stormwater. The project preserves the community’s unique sense of place through thoughtful architectural solutions, diverse landscaping, and pedestrian pathways.


Boulder, Colorado


38,000 sf

Practice Areas

Office + Workplace
Science + Technology

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2400 Central

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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