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Bear Creek Apartments, University of Colorado Boulder

A precedent-setting project for the University of Colorado, Bear Creek Apartments provides housing for 1,000 students at Williams Village. Site planning and building design create a sense of community for students, adapting the best of the main campus residential areas. Designed to complement the predominant Tuscan vernacular style of the main campus, Bear Creek connects its residents to the larger campus and serves as an impressive gateway to the city of Boulder. New residential architecture for Williams Village carries the spirit of the main campus. Here, contemporary students will find an expression of the University of Colorado style within buildings designed for their modern needs. Flexible, apartment-style units are arranged along short corridors, promoting a sense of ownership, and the building width is kept narrow so that each unit has ample window openings for sunlight and air. Common lounge, study, and service areas are located near entries and at interior corners, facilitating social interaction between the residents.


Boulder, Colorado


200,000 sf
1,000 beds

Practice Areas

Student Housing

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Master Planning

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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