OZ created the new headquarters for Delve, a technology-first digital consultancy company, reflecting the brand's identity and values through the space’s design vocabulary. Delve has a global presence, with offices in various locations. For their Colorado headquarters, the design team incorporated unique elements embodying the spirit of Colorado and expressing the company's commitment to its roots. The design concept revolves around materiality, spatial organization, and program, creating a visually striking environment aligning with the company's brand image. We crafted various elements to showcase the company's identity and pay homage to the local context. The Front Range mural is a standout feature, positioned as a focal point depicting the iconic Boulder Flatirons. The mural is strategically placed to mimic employees' views without the wall, symbolizing the natural beauty of Colorado. To enhance the immersive experience, a gondola overlooks the Flatiron mural, adding playfulness and adventure while symbolizing the company's innovative approach. Warm, earthy tones reminiscent of the state's landscapes and locally sourced materials create an authentic and engaging environment, creating a headquarters that speaks to the region while aligning with the global brand image.


Boulder, Colorado


18,000 sf

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