Listening, understanding, and responding to each client’s vision begins our design process, no matter what service we’re providing. Drawing from a wide portfolio of experience, our teams are skilled at integrating several services or can focus on just one, depending on our client’s needs. We also know the best solutions come from a full partnership with our team: client, stakeholders, consultants and contractor, from the first meeting to the final sign-off.

Our architectural design responds uniquely to the complexities of individual client cultures, goals and uses.  We start with thorough research and a proven process to discover not only how a new building can achieve the highest performance for its users, but also contribute in a positive way to the fabric of the surrounding community.  It’s not just about a building, but about creating a new environment with a true sense of purpose and permanence.

Master Planning
In its most effective form, master planning transforms a concept into a shared vision. OZ brings together the wide range of disciplines, skills and perspectives needed to develop a successful comprehensive master plan. Allying our talents with those of our team members, we guide the development of each plan with the future firmly in mind so that it includes all the necessary elements – from streetscape and building concepts to transit centers and open space. The result is a true sense of place rather than just a location.

Interior Design
Interior design is spatial strategy that requires a very methodical approach.  Listening, questioning and information gathering are just the beginning of the process of creating a place that reflects each client’s vision, style  and brand.  To create innovative, visionary design we start with no preconceptions, open to all the possibilities.  Our goal is to create spaces that are flexible, durable, and timeless — spaces that respond to organic growth and changing needs.

Brand Design
The OZ approach to branding is a one-stop-shop, providing an in-house branding agency driven by a firsthand knowledge of architectural and experiential design. Our process begins by brainstorming with clients, architects, and interior teams at the early stages of design to discover our client’s vision and incorporate it into the brand DNA. We extract the story of the space thinking beyond the box, beyond the page, and beyond the walls for an enveloping brand that connects. We are storytellers, graphic designers, and visionaries bringing ideas to life and drawing inspiration from fashion, art, culture, food, and history for an expressive and influential brand environment.